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You haven’t been to Pattaya if you haven’t visited at least a couple of Go Go Bars.

Even though Thailand’s hip beach town 160 km southeast of Bangkok more and more becomes a family retreat, the red light districts with go go bars, beer bars, soapy massage parlors and ladyboy cabaret shows are all over the place. The offer is so huge that you might not just get lost and overwhelmed on Walking Street (the center of the red-light action in Pattaya) but on simply every corner in Pattaya that has bars, bars and bars.

Whether you're pretending to meet each other for the first time or you're role-playing as your naughtier, sexier persona, heating things up between you has never been easier. Check out these suggestions for infusing your relationship with kinky and sexy spontaneity, guaranteed to bring you incredibly hot sex, from four of Your Tango's top experts:1.

Entice your partner with a list of your biggest turn-ons.

Under en af de første prøver var Ludvig Brandstrup irritabel, og da Aage Stentoft spillede forkert et par gange brølede Brandstrup: - Hvem Fanden er den bonderøv, som sidder ved klaveret?

Those are not mere allegations - we know what we say because we understand how thrilling all our xxx movies are!Once he starts kissing you, tell him that you really shouldn't, it's getting late, you need to be getting home, you're not that type of girl...but, of course, make it obvious from your actions that you don't want him to stop.Keep playing this kind of push-pull game until he's just ravenous with desire and you finally give in because you are just too attracted to him not too. Blindfold him and subject him to 30 minutes of pure pleasure.Men love the chase and giving him the chance to re-live the hunt will really get his testosterone flowing. Warm your hands with massage oil and run your fingers over his face, down his chest and abs until you work your way down to between his legs. Remember what turned you on about him in the first place.

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Make it a game: How long can hold out before he reaches for you? (We doubt it.)You might also inspire him to be your personal masseur. When you have a few quiet moments, take that time to remind yourself of what you found incredibly sexy about him early on in your relationship.