Fail at dating

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Yep, pretty sure we can all agree that would be more awkward. Then, she grabs her purse and storms out of the stadium, leaving him kneeling there and looking like a total doofus.And unfortunately, that's what happened to this dude at a Columbia Fireflies baseball game on Monday night in Columbia, South Carolina. Bruno Mars' song “Marry You” starts playing over the stadium speakers, and four friends of the guy who proposed took to the field to start their choreographed dance to it. Here's my thought on the matter: If you've been dating for long enough for him to find it appropriate to propose to you, you should have enough respect for him to not publicly shame him like that.And so, right-swiping everyone we don’t mind the look of is pretty much the only alternative.

Some people are looking for their #1 Soulmate Forever, some are looking for something to do this weekend, and some are, as I found out the hard way, simply looking for people to go rock climbing with (that was not the kind of “activity partner” I was interested in pursuing).Similarly, you should never engage in something that makes you actively uncomfortable just because you think you should be comfortable with it.It can feel like polyamory is the hottest thing since Pound Puppies, especially on Ok Cupid, since more and more people are openly talking about it, but that doesn’t mean you have to jam your square peg into a bunch of peoples’ round holes if you don’t want to.In fact, this is happening so often that Tinder users are actually posting screenshots of their failed conversations to Twitter, using the hashtag #Dating Fail.And, let’s just say, while many of them are face-palmingly cringeworthy, they’ll most definitely make you feel better about your own online dating encounters.

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The good news is that you can use Ok Cupid any damn way you please.

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