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Friends reuinted dating

Michael Murphy, Tim Ward and Rob Mogford are expected to net a collective £55m, according to the reported terms of the three-year earn-out ITV set when it acquired Friends Reunited in December 2005.The trio took over in 2003 from founders Jason Porter and Steve Pankhurst, who left at the time of the acquisition by ITV.At the time the boss of the site, Chris van der Kuyl, said it could rival Facebook as people were "just dumping stuff on there".Facebook now has more than 1.4 billion active monthly users.Despite this, Friends Reunited was convinced that charging people to get in touch with other people was a really brilliant idea.Until April 2008 if you wanted to harass your first love or send a cheeky "I'm rich and you're not! " message to your teenage tormentors, you had to pay for it.

"Then [they do] not come back for four months." Of the site's 19 million members, 13 million visited "at least once in any 18-month period". Where every other site is dominated by content, with a few smallish ads here and there, Friends Reunited is dominated by advertising.

He will report to Ben Mc Owen Wilson, chief operating officer of ITV Consumer.

Jeff Henry, managing director of ITV Consumer, said: "This is a fantastic recruit for ITV and Friends Reunited and we look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience that Andy will bring to the role.

Yes, people were paying - but even four years ago it was pretty obvious that charging people for basic communication wasn't going to work in the long term.

By keeping the fees until April 2008, it effectively handed the grown-up social networking space to its rivals.

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By 2003 it had three million members, and was seen as an established rival to My Space and, later, an upstart college project known as Facebook.

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